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Community Action Plans


Community Action Plans by Township

In 2005, the Strathbogie Shire Council began developing its Community Action Planning program. With funding from the Department of Planning and Community Development three Community Action Groups were formed, quickly expanding to eight groups. We now have groups in Avenel, Euroa, Graytown, Longwood, Nagambie, Ruffy, Strathbogie, and Violet Town.

The goal of the Community Action Planning model is to support communities to create better places to live by encouraging and assisting them to collectively and strategically plan for the future, and to work in partnership to implement local projects. The Community Action Groups conduct community planning sessions from which they develop Community Action Plans. The groups are then the catalysts within the community to implement the plans.

While the program is facilitated by the Council, it is a community-owned, community-driven process. The Community Action Planning Principles are;

  • Long-term partnerships built on trust, respect and good communication between residents, community organisations, local businesses and governments increases the likelihood of healthy and sustainable communities
  • Community action planning works best when it is owned and driven by the community and supported by the Council
  • Community action planning must embrace diversity and be inclusive, with the opportunity to participate open to all abilities, individuals and organisations
  • Community action planning is most effective when communities think strategically and focus on local, shire-wide and regional outcomes
  • Citizens actively involved in community action planning must act in accordance with the aspirations of the wider community as expressed in their Community Action Plans
  • Community action planning should be done in a way that enhances community understanding and local skills, builds civic pride and involvement in community life, and assists communities to become more cohesive and socially connected.

For more information about the Community Action Planning program, please refer to the Community Planning Guidelines by clicking the following link [Community Action Planning Guidelines] or contact the Council on 1800 065 993


Avenel Community Action Plan 2014


Euroa Community Action Plan 2012-2017


Graytown Community Action Plan 2014-2017


Longwood Community Community Action Plan 2010
Longwood Community Action Schedule 2010


Nagambie Community Action Plan 2014-2017


Ruffy Community Action Plan 2012


Strathbogie Tableland Action Group Action Plan 2013-2017

Violet Town

Violet Town Community Action Plan 2014-2018

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