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Community Grants Program

Community Grants Program

The 2017-2018 Community Grants Program Round 1 is now closed and the successful recipients will have received their notification via email.

Council are pleased to advise that Round 2 of the Community Grants Program will open at 9.00am on Monday 11th September, 2017 and will close at 5.00pm on Friday, 27th October 2017. 

This is the first time Council have offered a second round of the grants program; Community Matching and Event Grants are available for this round.

It is essential that you contact a member of the Liveability Team at Council to discuss your grant application prior to submission.


We have a great video that provides an overview of the Community Grants Program this year featuring some of our local community members.

All grants are subject to eligibility and will be assessed at the time of submission. 

Detailed information and criteria required for each grant is available in the Community Grants Guidelines document.



It is essential to check the details of the grant in the Community Grant Guidelines before you submit your application.

Click on the link to download the Community Grants Guidelines


Below is a summary of each grant stream.


Community Matching Grants 

This grant matches the in-kind and cash contribution from community groups, to enable a wide range of projects and purchases for community benefit, including but not limited to minor capital purchases (i.e. furniture, equipment etc), improvements to community facilities, project costs (i.e. printing, facility hire, consumables). Seed (leverage) funding for applications to other funders can also be sought from the Community Matching Grant.
Max. grant amount: $5,000 


Events Grants

To fund a range of events in the Shire of Strathbogie.
Max. grant amount: $3,000 for one off/inaugural events; $2,000 for ongoing events (up to maximum 3 years).


Quick Response Grants

Small, flexible grants for similar projects/activities as the Events or Community Matching Grants, but specifically for projects/purchases that have come about outside the submission period for the Matching and Events grants. There is a limited pool of funds in this grant stream and applications will close once the funds are expended; this may happen before the end of the financial year.

Max. grant amount: $1,000, applications open all year


William Pearson Bequest

The bequest is managed by the Strathbogie Shire Council and in following with the wishes of the bequest, it is solely for projects or events based in Euroa and for the benefit of children’s playgrounds, parks and gardens, the Euroa citizen’s band or for the beautification of the town. There is $2 500 available per year.

Max. grant amount: $2,500


How to apply

Community Matching Grants Round 2  will reopen on Monday 11th September - to apply please click here

Events Grants Round 2 will reopen on Monday 11th September - to apply please click here

Quick Reponse Grants are available all year round - apply by clicking here

William Pearson Bequest grant is now closed


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